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Solutions Search - Zero-Drift Amplifiers

Micropower Zero-Drift Amplifier Improves Circuit Performance

Andrew Roberts - Design Engineer Jul 10th 2017
This video explores the superior performance achieved with the LTC2063 zero-drift amplifier in a wide variety of low power applications. The LTC2063 enables precision measurement at extremely low power levels. The LTC2063 operates from 1.7V to 5.25V and features a shutdown mode which is optimized for battery-powered and duty-cycled ...



Evaluating Zero-Drift Amplifier Performance

Jeremy Wong - Design Engineer Dec 30th 2013
Analog applications are demanding better precision and drift performance due to improvements in data converter resolution and the economic drive to reduce or eliminate periodic calibration. Zero-drift amplifiers, which achieve microvolt-level accuracy and excellent low frequency noise, are the ideal choice for these high-sensitivity ...