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Solutions Search - Wireless Power Transfer

Doubling the LTC4120 Wireless Power Receiver for Higher Battery Charge Current

Andy Bishop - Design Engineer
Gabino Alonso - Strategic Marketing Engineer
Aug 27th 2014
The LTC4120 is a constant-current/constant-voltage wireless receiver and battery charger. The charge current is programmed up to 400mA with an external resistor. If more than 400mA is required, then use two LTC4120 devices operating in parallel as shown in this schematic. In this case the two LTC4120 operate from one transmitter ...

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Frequently Asked Questions: Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) & LTC4120

Trevor Barcelo - Product Line Manager - Battery Management Oct 31st 2013
Q. What is wireless power transfer (WPT)? A. Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) is the process where electrical energy is transmitted from a power source to an electrical load across an air gap using induction coils. These coils produce an electromagnetic field which sends energy from a charging base station (transmitter) to a coil ...

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