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Solutions Search - Voltage Output DACs

16-Channel, 16/12-Bit Voltage Output DACs in a Tiny 6mm x 6mm Package

Mark Thoren - Staff Scientist Jun 6th 2014
General-purpose DACs address a wide range of applications including instrumentation, industrial control, and setting voltages and currents in all manner of analog circuits. In this video, we demonstrate the 16-/12-bit LTC2668, a 16-channel, voltage output DAC with five software-programmable (SoftSpan™) or pin-configurable ...



LTC2654 - LTC2657 Quad/Octal 16-Bit VOUT DACs with 10ppm/C (Max) VREF - Video Product Brief

Kevin B. Scott - Senior Strategic Marketing Engineer Jun 28th 2012
The LTC2654/LTC2655/LTC2656/LTC2657 are a family of quad /octal 16-/12-bit rail-to-rail DACs with a precision integrated reference. The DACs have built-in high performance, rail-to-rail, output buffers and are guaranteed monotonic.The "-L" versions have a full-scale output of 2.5V with the integrated 10ppm/°C reference and ...



LTC263x 12-/10-/8-Bit SPI & I2C VOUT Single/Dual/Quad/Octal DACs w/ Internal VREF - Video Product Brief

Alison Steer - Product Marketing Manager Mar 9th 2011
The LTC263x is a family of single/dual/quad/octal 12-, 10-, and 8-bit voltage-output DACs with an integrated, high-accuracy, low-drift 10ppm/°C reference in small packages. They have a rail-to-rail output buffer and are guaranteed monotonic. The LTC263x-L versions have a full-scale output of 2.5V, and operates from a single ...