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Solutions Search - Upconverting Mixers

A BPSK Modulator for 2GHz to 12GHz

Bruce Hemp - Applications Section Leader
Weston Sapia - RF Applications Engineer
May 30th 2017
Binary phase-shift keying (BPSK), also known as bi-phase modulation, is a simple, popular digital modulation scheme. The symbol constellations are as far apart as possible, which is desirable for weak signal work. BPSK is also popular for its relatively simple spectrum-spreading capability. Thus BPSK finds applications in weak ...

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DC2191A Upconverts the Output of the LTC2000

Doug Stuetzle - Senior Analog Applications Engineer Jul 19th 2016
The DC2191A is a new demo board that provides an LTC5579 upconverting mixer at the output of the high speed LTC2000 DAC.  The IF output of the DAC feeds a passive lowpass reconstruction filter which then drives the IF input of the upconverting mixer.  This interface is simple and requires no DC level shifting.   An ...

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