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Solutions Search - Ultralow Noise Regulators

Silent Switcher 2: Dual 4A per Channel, 42V Micropower Step-Down Regulator

John Gardner - Design Engineer Oct 16th 2017
As automotive electronic content increases, voltage regulators continually need smaller size, higher current, and lower radiated emissions.  Silent Switcher® 2 products address this need by providing 2MHz solutions with high efficiency without compromising EMI performance. The LT8650S is a dual channel, 42V step-down ...



105V, 2.3A Low-EMI Synchronous Step-Down Regulator

Charles Hawkes - Design Aug 16th 2017
Today, many electronic systems require power processing at higher voltages, while simultaneously demanding increased efficiency and low EMI/EMC emissions. The LTC7103 meets all of these challenges, with an unprecedented combination versatility and simplicity. The LTC7103 is a 105V, 2.3A, synchronous step-down regulator that ...



LT3999 36V, 1A 1MHz Push-Pull DC/DC Driver with Duty Cycle Control - Video Product Brief

Bruce Haug - Product Marketing Engineer Nov 18th 2014
The LT®3999 is a monolithic, high voltage, high frequency DC/DC transformer driver providing isolated power in a small solution footprint. The LT3999 has two 1A current limited power switches that switch out of phase. The duty cycle is programmable to adjust the output voltage. The switching frequency is programmed ...



Minimizing Switching Regulator Residue in Linear Regulator Outputs

Jim Williams - Applications Guru Mar 21st 2011
Linear regulators are commonly employed to post-regulate switching regulator outputs. Benefits include improved stability, accuracy, transient response and lowered output impedance. Ideally, these performance gains would be accompanied by markedly reduced switching regulator generated ripple and spikes. In practice, all linear ...



Measuring Switching Regulator Noise

Jim Williams - Applications Guru Jun 15th 2009
The universal application of switching regulators, combined with the powered systems potential for supply noise sensitivity, mandates the need for a reliable noise measurement technique. Actually, switching regulator "noise" isn't really noise at all, but coherent, high frequency residue directly related to the regulators switching. ...



How To Build a Low Noise Power Supply for High Voltage (i.e. 100V up to 1000V) Transducers

Jim Williams - Applications Guru Sep 15th 2008
A Kilovolt with 100 Microvolts of Noise Photomultipliers (PMT), avalanche photodiodes (APD), ultrasonic transducers, capacitance microphones, radiation detectors and similar devices require high voltage, low current bias. Additionally, the high voltage must be pristinely free of noise; well under a millivolt is a common requirement ...