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Solutions Search - Ultralow Noise Regulators

Dual Channel 42V, 4A Monolithic Synchronous Step-Down Silent Switcher 2 with 6.2μA Quiescent Current

Walker Bai - Applications Enginneer Nov 14th 2017
Design Note DN1044: Introduction The LT®8650S 42V, dual channel, 4A, synchronous Silent Switcher®2 regulator features a wide input voltage range of 3V to 42V, ideal for automotive, industrial and other stepdown applications. Its quiescent current is only 6.2μA, with the outputs in regulation, a critical feature in ...

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Low EMI Power Solutions and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Standards

Kevin B. Scott - Senior Strategic Marketing Engineer May 30th 2017
Low EMI Solutions and ElectromagneticCompatibility (EMC) Standards Many Linear Technology Power Products are compliant to a specific electromagnetic compatibility standard. The most commonly referenced standards are EN 55022, CISPR 22 Class B, FCC Part 15 Class B, and CISPR 25. When testing a power solution, there ...

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Hybrid Wide Dimming Ratio Linear LED Current Controller Using LT8614 & LT3083/LT6015

Tom Mosteller - Field Applications Engineer Oct 17th 2016
Many applications for LED illumination require wide dimming ratios. This can be accomplished simply via an adjustable current source as show below.  The current source can be varied by a number of different means, and a large LED current range can be achieved. The primary problem with this technique is that the power dissipation ...

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95% Efficient at 2MHz 42V Sync Buck

Jun 24th 2016
Linear Technology’s family of high voltage synchronous step-down DC/DC switching regulators offer up to 95% efficiency. Switching at 2MHz, these low EMI parts utilize the Silent Switcher technology. Other features include spread spectrum frequency modulation, ultra-low quiescent current and are available with single, dual, ...

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Reduce EMI and Improve Efficiency with Silent Switcher Designs

Christian Kueck Dec 17th 2013
Switching regulators replace linear regulators in areas where low heat dissipation and efficiency are valued. The switching regulator is typically the first active component on the input power bus line, and therefore has a significant impact on the EMI performance of the complete converter circuit. Modern input filter components ...

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36V Input, Low Output Noise, 5A μModule Regulator for Precision Data Acquisition Systems

Jaino Parasseril - Applications Engineer Sep 1st 2013
Introduction Low output noise, fast transient response and high efficiency are just a few of the stringent power supply demands made by applications featuring high data rate FPGA I/O channels and high bit count data converters. The power supply designer faces the difficult task of meeting all of these requirements with as few ...

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