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Solutions Search - Temperature Monitors

Terasic Innovate FPGA Design Contest

Nov 2nd 2017
Welcome to the Innovate FPGA & SoC Design Contest held by Terasic, Analog Devices & Intel. For the past 14 years, this contest has inspired thousands of aspiring engineers to design, to create, and innovate!    YOU MAY PICK 3 FREE LTC / ADI PLUG-IN BOARDS (EITHER FROM THE ARDUINO OR QUIKEVAL CATEGORIES) BY ...



DC2561A - LTC2992 Demo Board:Dual Wide Range Power Monitor

Oct 24th 2017
Demonstration Circuit 2561A features the LTC®2992, a rail-to-rail system monitor that measures current, voltage, and power of two supplies. It features an operating range of 2.7V to 100V and includes a shunt regulator for supplies above 100V. The voltage measurement range of 0V to 100V is independent of the input supply. ...

Demo Board Linduino QuikEval System