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Solutions Search - Supercapacitor Chargers

60V Input Monolithic Converter Powers Critical Circuits without Supercaps or Other Additional Components

Victor Khasiev - Applications Engineer Nov 15th 2016
Design Note DN1040: Introduction The LTC3649 is a monolithic step-down regulator capable of operating from an input voltage range of 3.1V to 60V, and efficiently producing a (single) resistorprogrammable output voltage at up to 4A of output current. These features alone make it a compelling industrial or automotive supply for ...

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Bidirectional DC/DC Regulator and Supercapacitor Charger

Victor Khasiev - Applications Engineer Nov 15th 2016
Design Note DN558: Introduction The LTC®3110 bidirectional buck-boost DC/DC regulator charges and balances a supercapacitor when a bus voltage is present (for example 3.3V) and discharges the supercapacitor into the load when the bus fails. The LTC3110 maintains the bus’s nominal level (3.3V in the example in Figure ...

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Electrolytic Capacitor-Based Data Backup Power Solution for a 12V System Regulated from 5V to 36V Input

Victor Khasiev - Applications Engineer Jul 5th 2016
Design Note 553: Introduction Data loss is a concern in telecom, industrial and automotive applications where embedded systems depend on a consistent supply of power. Sudden power interruptions can corrupt data during read and write operations for hard drives and flash memory. Often, embedded systems need just 10ms to 50ms ...

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Data Backup Solution for 1mm, Low Profile Industrial Applications

Victor Khasiev - Applications Engineer Aug 25th 2015
Introduction Data backup and retention during a power interruption is required in a wide variety of industrial and automotive applications, where emergency backup power supplies (such as a UPS) may be unfeasible. For example, a vehicle may need to transmit geographical coordinates and the vehicle ID during an abrupt battery ...

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Supercap Backup Circuit Provides Reliable Uninterrupted Power

Sam Nork - Boston Design Center Manager Sep 29th 2014
Temporary backup power is a common requirement for a wide range of applications whenever the main power source is suddenly unavailable. Examples include data backup applications ranging from servers to solid-state drives, power fail alarms in industrial or medical applications, and a host of other “dying gasp” functions ...

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