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Solutions Search - Single Channel ADCs

Terasic Innovate FPGA Design Contest

Nov 2nd 2017
Welcome to the Innovate FPGA & SoC Design Contest held by Terasic, Analog Devices & Intel. For the past 14 years, this contest has inspired thousands of aspiring engineers to design, to create, and innovate!  FEB 06, 2018 Update: Please fill out this form to order up to 3 FREE boards to complete your design.   Jan ...



Reference Filter Increases 32-Bit ADC SNR by 6dB

Guy Hoover - Applications Engineer Sep 26th 2017
Design Note DN568: Introduction Attaining optimal SNR performance from an ADC isn’t just a matter of providing a low noise signal to the ADC’s input. Providing a low noise reference voltage is just as important. While reference noise has no effect at zero-scale, at full-scale any noise on the reference will be visible ...

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LTspice: Simulating SAR ADC Analog Inputs

Kris Lokere - Strategic Applications Manager
Gabino Alonso - Strategic Marketing Engineer
Sep 19th 2017
As resolution and sample rates continue to rise for ADCs, the driver circuitry for the analog inputs, not the ADC itself, has increasingly become the limiting factor in determining overall circuit accuracy. Beyond a simple 1-pole RC lowpass filter (LPF1) for noisy input signals (Figure 1), a coupling ...

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Converting a Low Distortion Single-Ended Sine Source to Fully Differential

Guy Hoover - Applications Engineer Sep 10th 2017
Customers looking for a way to evaluate ADCs with differential inputs will find themselves in need of a low distortion, low noise differential sine source. Single-ended sine sources can be obtained by building a simple Wien-bridge oscillator or by employing any of several readily available audio oscillators. Differential sine ...

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Testing Data Converters with the Arrow / Altera SoCkit FPGA Board

Mark Thoren - Staff Scientist Jan 3rd 2017
Introduction This blog describes how Linear Technology is using the SoCkit Cyclone V SoC FPGA board from Arrow Electronics as a system for evaluating medium- speed data converters: ADCs, DACs with sample rates less than 100Msps. LTC manufactures several evaluation boards for this purpose, including the DC718, DC890, and ...

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