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Solutions Search - Series Voltage References

LTC6258 Low Noise Reference Use LT6656 for a Low Current Starting Reference

Aug 30th 2017
The LT6656 is a 1µA precision series voltage reference. Yet with low power comes low drive current capability and higher noise. The LTC6259 can be used as a buffer that follows a filter to enhance the utilization of the LT6656 in low power applications. Figure 5a shows such a configuration. First a very low cutoff frequency ...

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LTC2063 RTD Sensor with ±1°C Precision

Jul 27th 2017
This low power platinum resistance temperature detector (RTD) sensor circuit draws only 35μA total supply current on a minimum 2.6V rail, and is accurate to within ±1°C at room temperature, including all error intrinsic to the Vishay PTS Class F0.3 Variant RTD. It covers the temperature ...

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Single-Ended to Differential Driver Circuit for the LTC2387-18 SAR ADC

Doug Stuetzle - Senior Analog Applications Engineer Sep 26th 2016
The LTC®2387-18 is a 15Msps, highly linear, low-noise SAR converter with differential inputs. The combination of excellent linearity and wide dynamic range makes this ADC ideal for high speed imaging and instrumentation applications. No-latency operation provides a unique solution for high speed control loop applications. ...

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