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Solutions Search - Series Voltage References

Reference Filter Increases 32-Bit ADC SNR by 6dB

Guy Hoover - Applications Engineer Sep 26th 2017
Design Note DN568: Introduction Attaining optimal SNR performance from an ADC isn’t just a matter of providing a low noise signal to the ADC’s input. Providing a low noise reference voltage is just as important. While reference noise has no effect at zero-scale, at full-scale any noise on the reference will be visible ...

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Wireless Current Sense Circuit Floats with Sense Resistor

Kris Lokere - Strategic Applications Manager Apr 25th 2017
Introduction Measuring the current that flows through a sense resistor seems easy. Amplify the voltage, read it with an ADC, and now you know what the current is. But it gets more difficult if the sense resistor itself sits at a voltage that is very different from system ground. Typical solutions bridge that voltage difference ...

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Single-Ended to Differential Driver Circuit for the LTC2387-18 SAR ADC

Doug Stuetzle - Senior Analog Applications Engineer Sep 26th 2016
The LTC®2387-18 is a 15Msps, highly linear, low-noise SAR converter with differential inputs. The combination of excellent linearity and wide dynamic range makes this ADC ideal for high speed imaging and instrumentation applications. No-latency operation provides a unique solution for high speed control loop applications. ...

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Build a Precision Low Noise 5A Power Supply

Michael B. Anderson - Senior IC Design Engineer Sep 6th 2016
The LT6658-2.5V voltage reference has the specifications of a precision reference with dual outputs capable of 150mA and 50mA. This unprecedented combination of precision and power allows the unique ability to create a very precise high-current power supply with load regulation of less than 12ppm/A. Only a few additional components ...

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Common Questions About the LTC2668 Family of 16bit VOUT DACs

Mark Thoren - Staff Scientist
Chad Steward - Design Manager
Noe Quintero - Application Engineer
Apr 19th 2016
The LTC2668-16 packs 16, 16-bit high performance Digital to Analog converters (DACs) into a tiny, 6x6mm QFN package, with 8 and 4 channel versions in a 5x5 QFN, and 12-bit versions for lower resolution applications. A general purpose DAC such as this finds its way into a myriad of diverse applications, and tends to generate ...

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Product How-to: Precise Wireless Temperature Sensor Powers Itself

Jun 13th 2014
In case you missed it, LTC’s Kris Lokere recently wrote an article for EDN describing a circuit combining Dust, Energy Harvesting, and precision temperature sensing. Specifically, it describes a reference circuit showcasing: Dust Networks wireless - LTP5901-IPM SmartMesh IP Mote Energy Harvesting - LTC3330 Nanopower ...

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Digital Gain Compression (DGC) for SAR ADCs

Mar 11th 2014
The LTC2378-20 offers a digital gain compression (DGC) feature which defines the full-scale input swing to be between 10% and 90% of the ±VREF analog input range. This feature allows the SAR ADC driver to be powered off of a single positive supply since each input swings between 0.5V and 4.5V as shown in the figure below. Needing ...

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Can You Use the Voltage Reference to Power Your ADC Driver?

Kris Lokere - Strategic Applications Manager Jul 11th 2013
Linear Technology’s family of 16-, 18-, and 20-Bit SAR ADCs (LTC2378-20 family) operates with an external reference voltage of up to 5V. The largest input voltage that you are then supposed to put on each ADC input pin is equal to that 5V reference voltage. It seems logical to use an opamp on a 5V supply with rail-to-rail ...

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