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DC2620A - LTC7106EDDB Demo Board | 7-Bit IDAC with PMBus interface to adjust VOUT of a Regulator

Feb 8th 2018
Demonstration circuit 2620A-A uses the LTC7106EDDB, a precision, bidirectional, 7-Bit current DAC with PMBus interface and can be used to adjust the output voltage of any conventional VFB referenced regulator. The LTC7106 can work with the vast majority of power management controllers, regulators or modules to enable digital ...

Demo Board 


Control VOUT of Any DC/DC Regulator with a Serial PMBus Interface

Jan 22nd 2018
NORWOOD, MA – January 22, 2018 – Analog Devices announces the Power by Linear™ LTC7106, a PMBus I²C controlled precision bidirectional current DAC designed to adjust the output voltage of virtually any DC/DC regulator. Through its PMBus compatible interface, the LTC7106 receives a 7-bit serial code and ...

Press Release