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Solutions Search - SMBus/I2C/SPI Controlled Battery Chargers

LTC4100 4-Cell Li-Ion Smart Battery Charger @ 4A

Jan 20th 2015
The LTC®4100 Smart Battery Charger is a single chip charging solution that dramatically simplifies construction of an SBS compliant system. The LTC4100 implements a Level 2 charger function whereby the charger can be programmed by the battery or by the host. A SafetySignal on the battery being charged is monitored for temperature, ...



Techniques to Maximize Solar Panel Power Output

Trevor Barcelo - Product Line Manager - Battery Management Feb 3rd 2014
Two recent articles, "Energy Harvesting With Low Power Solar Panels" and  "Solar Battery Charger Maintains High Efficiency at Low Light", discuss how to efficiently harvest energy with low power solar panels. Both of these articles mention a concept known as maximum power, which in the context of solar panels is the ability ...

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DC512B - LTC4100EG | 3-/4-Cell Li-Ion Smart Battery Charger, DCIN = 15V-20V, Up to 4A Charge Current, (req. DC1223)

Apr 3rd 2013
Demonstration circuit DC512B is a single battery switching step-down charge controller featuring the LTC4100. The recommended input power is 15 to 20V at 3.5A. A two-position jumper allows choice of protected output voltage range suitable for 3- and 4-Cell Li-ion batteries. Removal of the jumper allows full output voltage range. ...

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DC1904A - LTC1960CD Demo Board I Universal Dual-Battery Charger/Selector

Apr 5th 2012
DC1904A - Demo Board for:LTC1960 - Dual Battery Charger/ Selector with SPI Interface ...

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DC486B - LTC1760CFW Demo Board | Dual Li Ion Smart Battery Charger, VIN=12V to 20V, Charge Current = 4A Max

Jul 15th 2011
Demonstration circuit 486B is a dual Smart Battery PowerPath and charger controller featuring the LTC1760. The input voltage is 12 to 20V. The charger output voltage is programmed SMBus serial interface. The maximum charge current is 4A. The demoboard has been optimized to work with 2, 3 and 4- Cell Li-ion battery packs. A jumper ...

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Battery Back-Up System Manager Saves Space & Power & Offers

May 28th 2008
MILPITAS, CA - May 28, 2008 - Linear Corporation introduces the LTC4110, an autonomous multi-chemistry, single chip, high efficiency flyback battery charge and discharge manager for server, memory backup, medical equipment, and high reliability system applications. The LTC4110 features four operating modes: battery backup, battery ...

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Battery Backup System Manager Controlling a Six-Series Cell SLA Battery with Temperature Compensation

May 5th 2008
The LTC4110 is a complete single chip, high efficiency, flyback battery charge and discharge manager with automatic switchover between the input supply and the backup battery or super capacitor. The IC provides four modes of operation: battery backup, battery charge, battery calibration and shutdown. Battery backup and battery ...



DC1259A - LTC4110EUHF Demo Board | Multi-Chemistry Flyback Battery Backup System Charger/Manager

May 5th 2008
Demonstration circuit DC1259A is a single-battery battery- backup controller featuring the LTC4110. The LTC4110 controller provides all the features and functions to offer a complete standalone battery-backup system. The LTC4110 is a multi-chemistry flyback battery charger and discharger that is scalable with other LTC4110s ...

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Fast 4A 1-Cell Li-Ion SMBus Battery Charger Needs No Microcontroller

Jun 26th 2006
MILPITAS, CA - June 26, 2006 - Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LTC4101, a fast, precision smart battery charger controller that operates with or without a host microcontroller. The IC is 100% compliant with Rev. 1.1 SMBus specifications and meets the requirements of Smart Battery System (SBS) Level 2 charging functions. ...

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