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Solutions Search - Rail-to-Rail Amplifiers

Reference Filter Increases 32-Bit ADC SNR by 6dB

Guy Hoover - Applications Engineer Sep 26th 2017
Design Note DN568: Introduction Attaining optimal SNR performance from an ADC isn’t just a matter of providing a low noise signal to the ADC’s input. Providing a low noise reference voltage is just as important. While reference noise has no effect at zero-scale, at full-scale any noise on the reference will be visible ...

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Precision Ultralow Power High Side Current Sense

Catherine Chang - Applications Engineer Sep 19th 2017
Design Note 1045: Introduction Precision high side measurement of microamp currents requires a small value sense resistor and a low offset voltage, ultralow-power amplifier. The LTC®2063 zero-drift amplifier has a maximum input offset voltage of just 5µV and draws just 1.4µA making it a great choice for building ...

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Converting a Low Distortion Single-Ended Sine Source to Fully Differential

Guy Hoover - Applications Engineer Sep 10th 2017
Customers looking for a way to evaluate ADCs with differential inputs will find themselves in need of a low distortion, low noise differential sine source. Single-ended sine sources can be obtained by building a simple Wien-bridge oscillator or by employing any of several readily available audio oscillators. Differential sine ...

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