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Solutions Search - RS485/R422 Transceivers

Rugged ESD Demonstration

Nov 7th 2016
The LTM2885 µModule isolator is subjected to repeated ESD strikes as high as 20kV. The line driving bus pins as well as the isolation barrier are all extremely rugged to high energy ESD pulses. This video also illustrates that the LTM2885 and its RS485 Transceiver continue to operate through the ESD events. Not only is ...



LTC2876/LTC2877 ±60V Profibus-DP Transceivers - Video Product Brief

Chris Gobok - Product Marketing Engineer Mar 21st 2016
The LTC®2876 and LTC2877 are PROFIBUS RS485 transceivers designed to meet the test specifications for PROFIBUS-DP masters and PROFIBUS-DP slaves, fully compatible with IEC 61158-2, type 3: medium attachment unit (MAU). With operation up to 20Mbps, the LTC2876/ LTC2877 supports all PROFIBUS data rates up to 12Mbps. The LTC2876 ...



LTM2881 Complete Isolated RS485/RS422 μModule Transceiver + Power - Video Product Brief

Chris Gobok - Product Marketing Engineer Nov 24th 2009
The LTM2881 is a complete galvanically isolated full duplex RS485/RS422 μModule transceiver. No external components are required. A single supply powers both sides of the interface through an integrated, isolated, low noise, efficient 5V output DC/DC converter. ...



Isolated RS485 Transceiver with Power in One Small Package - LTM2881

Jeff Marvin - Design Center Manager Nov 15th 2009
The benefits of galvanic isolation extend beyond safety and protection from dangerous voltages to provide error-free communication in the presence of high edge rate transients, noise and high common mode voltage that would otherwise render a non-isolated network inoperative. The new Isolator uModule Technology from Linear ...