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Solutions Search - RMS-DC Conversion

LTC1966 AC Current Measurement

Nov 29th 2001
The LTC1966 is a true RMS-to-DC converter that utilizes an innovative patented DS computational technique. The internal delta-sigma circuitry of the LTC1966 makes it simpler to use, more accurate, lower power and dramatically more flexible than conventional log-antilog RMS-to-DC converters. ...

Circuit LTspice 


Audio Amplitude Compressor

Jan 19th 2001
A True RMS converter (LTC1967) monitors the output signal amplitude and provides a proportional dc feedback voltage. This dc voltage controls an LT1256 fader circuit which linearly selects the amount of signal from two amplifier stages. One amplifier attenuates the input signal by 4 while the other amplifier gains up the signal ...



Autoranging True RMS-to-DC Converter

Sep 10th 1999
A programmable gain amplifier (LTC6910-2) and a window comparator (LTC6700-1) and some control logic creates a wide dynamic range RMS to DC converter. The comparator monitors the DC output and signals whether to increment or decrement the gain to maintain a predetermined output voltage range. Knowing the output DC voltage and ...



LVDT Signal Conditioning

Aug 24th 1998
An LVDT transformer is exited with a fixed frequency sine wave. The distance of displacement of the movable core will change the amplitude of the transformer output which is is converted to a dc voltage by the LT1967 True RMS converter. The direction of the core movement is indicated by the phase shift of the sine wave and is ...



Isolated Power Line Monitor with 0.5% Accuracy Over 90VAC to 130VAC Input

Jan 1st 1998
This circuits AC power line monitor has 0.5% accuracy over a sensed 90VAC to 130VAC input and provides a safe, fully isolated output. RMS conversion provides accurate reporting of AC line voltage regardless of waveform distortion, which is common. ...