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Solutions Search - RF Power Detectors

35GHz RMS Detector Breaks Through Dynamic Range Barrier

James Wong - Product Marketing Manager Jan 16th 2017
The LTC5596 is a high frequency, wideband and high dynamic range RMS power detector that provides accurate, true power measurement of RF and microwave signals independent of modulation and waveforms. The LTC5596 responds in an easy to use log-linear 29mV/dB scale to signal levels from –37dBm to –2dBm, at accuracy ...



LT5581 10MHz to 6GHz RF RMS Power Detector with 40dB Dynamic Range - Video Product Brief

Kevin B. Scott - Senior Strategic Marketing Engineer Nov 23rd 2010
The LT5581 is a 10MHz to 6GHz, low power monolithic precision RMS power detector. The RMS detector uses a proprietary technique to accurately measure the RF power from –34dBm to +6dBm (at 2.14GHz) of modulated signals with a crest factor as high as 12dB. It outputs a DC voltage in linear scale proportional to an RF input signal ...