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Solutions Search - RF & Wireless

35GHz RMS Detector Breaks Through Dynamic Range Barrier

James Wong - Product Marketing Manager Jan 16th 2017
The LTC5596 is a high frequency, wideband and high dynamic range RMS power detector that provides accurate, true power measurement of RF and microwave signals independent of modulation and waveforms. The LTC5596 responds in an easy to use log-linear 29mV/dB scale to signal levels from –37dBm to –2dBm, at accuracy ...



Dual Mixer Enables A Compact, Wideband MIMO Receiver for 5G LTE Service

Bruce Hemp - Applications Section Leader Jan 13th 2017
This video describes the application of the LTC5566, a dual mixers integrated with programmable gain IF amplifiers that enable a 3.6GHz compact, wideband MIMO receiver for 5G LTE service. The receiver provides superbly robust performance that can handle stronger blockers, while supporting 100MHz bandwidth. ...



Wideband I/Q Demodulation for Zero-IF High Dynamic Range Receivers

Oct 7th 2016
5G LTE is on the way. These systems will require more bandwidth, and use more complex modulation formats. The LTC5586 High Linearity IQ Demodulator finds applications in 5G DPD PAs as an observation receiver, and in microwave/mm-wave gigabit backhaul receivers. Many features are digitally programmable, including RF input selection, ...



Driving High Resolution SAR ADCs

Tyler Hutchison - Signal Conditioning Design Engineer Sep 8th 2015
Driving high resolution SAR ADCs often requires tradeoffs between power consumption, linearity, and noise.  The LTC6363 provides 20 bit accuracy when the system designer pays close attention to the interface filter between the driver and the ADC.  Calculations and empirical data provide additional insight as to how ...



A Very Low Power, High Performance I/Q Modulator

James Wong - Product Marketing Manager Nov 19th 2014
Modern digital transmitters take advantage of using high-order modulation to maximize data throughput rate while minimizing spectral bandwidth, thus allowing more efficient use of the frequency spectrum. I/Q modulators allow baseband signals to directly modulate onto the RF carrier. Such modulators typically suffer from excessive ...



LTspice: SAR ADC Driver Interface

Kris Lokere - Strategic Applications Manager Apr 3rd 2014
High-performance SAR ADCs can offer amazing dynamic range and linearity at faster and faster sample rates. But how do you design the amplifier and interface at the analog inputs? LTspice IV can help. This video shows how to use LTspice to simulate the analog input interface of high-performance SAR ADCs. We will look at charge ...

Blog Post Video LTspice 


Single-Ended to Differential Conversion Using Differential Op Amps

Kris Lokere - Strategic Applications Manager Jan 13th 2014
Differential op amps are important building blocks in modern analog and mixed signal circuits. Many modern ADCs require differential signals at the inputs. Differential analog signals are also handy to drive signals over a cable. Differential op amps are useful building blocks for creating differential signals. Linear Technology ...



Optimizing the Performance of Wideband Zero-IF Receivers

Michiel Kouwenhoven - RF Design Manager Jun 14th 2012
The zero-IF receiver architecture gains popularity in wireless applications because of its suitability to demodulate very wideband RF signals. This capability is important in digital pre-distortion (DPD) transmitters. Realization of sufficient dynamic range is commonly known to be a major issue of zero-IF architectures. ...



LT5581 10MHz to 6GHz RF RMS Power Detector with 40dB Dynamic Range - Video Product Brief

Kevin B. Scott - Senior Strategic Marketing Engineer Nov 23rd 2010
The LT5581 is a 10MHz to 6GHz, low power monolithic precision RMS power detector. The RMS detector uses a proprietary technique to accurately measure the RF power from –34dBm to +6dBm (at 2.14GHz) of modulated signals with a crest factor as high as 12dB. It outputs a DC voltage in linear scale proportional to an RF input signal ...



Low Power RF Mixers Enhance Receiver Performance

James Wong - Product Marketing Manager Jun 11th 2010
RF mixers are critical components that make up the modern transceivers used in 3G and 4G wireless infrastructure, communication gears and military systems. The receivers’ robustness depends on their dynamic range performance. The LTC5540/41/42/43 family of RF downconverting mixers covering frequencies from 600MHz to 4GHz, ...



The Simple Way to Match to a High-Speed ADC Input - LTM9001

Todd Nelson - Mixed Signal Applications Engineering Manager Jun 15th 2009
High-speed, high-resolution ADCs are critical components in communications and instrumentation applications. The interface between the final amplifier of the signal chain and the input pins of the ADC is challenging and time-consuming. Yet it is critical to the performance of the entire system. Traditionally, this requires impedance ...