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Solutions Search - Precision Comparator

LT1116 Fast Zero Crossing Detector

Aug 7th 2014
The LT1116 is an ultra fast (12ns) comparator designed for sensing signals near the negative supply. The input common mode range extends from 2.5V below the positive supply down to the negative supply rail. Like the LT1016, this comparator is specifically designed to interface directly to TTL logic with complementary outputs. ...

Circuit LTspice 


LT1991 Individual Battery Cell Monitor for a 4-Cell Battery

Aug 2nd 2004
High input impedance of LT1991 P3 and M3 inputs, ( 150K ), is used to eliminate errors introduced by the analog switch resistance which is very low compared to LT1991 input resistance. The MSB signal is used to change the common mode voltage when reading the cells on the battery stack. ...



Dual Output, Buffered Reference (On Single 3V Supply)

Apr 18th 2003
The amplifier configuration establishes the reference voltage across the 75k resistor. A fixed current is then forced into the 46.4k resistor and sets the lower output voltage. The upper voltage output is greater than the lower voltage output by the reference voltage. ...



Dual Limit Microvolt Comparator

Jan 1st 1998
Low offset precision amplifiers make very accurate comparators. This is a window comparator when an output LED indicates that the input is outside of the window. Hysteresis to ensure smooth switching is provided to one of the offset nulling terminals with minimal impact on offset and therefore threshold accuracy. ...



Microvolt Comparator with Hysteresis

Jan 1st 1998
Very low offset, 20uV typical, can produce extremely accurate comparator functions. Small input voltages can produce oscillations without hysteresis. Here hysteresis is added to a Vos trim pin to as to not degrade the input precision. ...



Low Power Comparator with <10uV Hysteresis

Dec 1st 1989
The opamp is used as a precision comparator that drives an NPN transistor to form a logic-level output. Controlled positive feedback into a trim pin makes precision microvolt hysteresis control practical. ...



Fast, 16-Bit Current Comparator

Jan 1st 1987
Precision op-amp used as pre-comparator. Schottky diodes in feedback limit output swing of amplifier to minimize slew delay. Resistive input structure can be tailored for different trip points; this one detects a current sink of >50uA at the input ...



Microvolt Compararator with TTL Output

Nov 1st 1983
Amplifiers can easily be used as comparators although somewhat slower than dedicated circuits. Very accurate comparison threshold is provided by the low offset of the amplifier. Feedback to one of the offset adjust pins adds hysteresis to prevent oscillations when the inputs are close to each other. ...