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Solutions Search - Power Monitors

I2C Primer: What is I2C? (Part 1)

Hamza Salman Afzal - Applications Engineer Sep 2nd 2016
Introduction: The Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) bus is a two wire serial interface originally developed by the Phillips Corporation for use in consumer products. It is a bi-directional bus that is easily implemented in any IC process (NMOS, CMOS, bipolar) and allows for simple inter-IC communication. Connections are minimized ...

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Linduino PSM

Michael Jones - Applications Engineer Mar 12th 2015
While many engineers use a dongle and tools to configure Power System Management devices via PMBus, a growing number of designs are adding Board Management Controllers, or connecting their PMBus to an existing microcontroller or application processer. At LTC, the dongle/tool option is comprised of a DC1613 and LTpowerPlay, and ...

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Understanding Power Monitor Accuracy

Mark Thoren - Staff Scientist
Hamza Salman Afzal - Applications Engineer
Feb 20th 2015
Measurement of a system’s power consumption during a final factory test (before deployment into the field) is a prudent part of a test program for any product. But there is an increasing emphasis to bring this functionality into the product itself for “run-time” monitoring of power, current, supply voltage, ...

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System Monitor with Instrumentation-Grade Accuracy Used to Measure Relative Humidity

Leo Chen - Applications Engineer Jan 1st 2013
Because much can be deduced about a physical system by measuring temperature, it is by far the most electronically measured physical parameter. Selecting a temperature sensor involves balancing accuracy requirements, durability, cost and compatibility with the measured medium. For instance, because of its low cost, a small-signal ...

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