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Solutions Search - Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Interface Controllers

LT4321/LT4275 LTPoE++/PoE+/PoE PD Controller TechClips

Oct 24th 2013
Power over ethernet is a continuing trend in the Ethernet world. The current IEEE standard allows for up to 25.5W of PD input power. LTPoE++ is Linear Technology's solution to meet the demand for greater power with 38.7W, 52.7W, 70W and 90W power levels. Heat generated by Power Over Ethernet powered device (PD) is a design ...

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LTPoE++ PSE & PD Controllers - Video Product Brief

Chris Gobok - Product Marketing Engineer Sep 21st 2012
Power over Ethernet, or PoE, is an increasingly popular way to deliver both power and data over existing Ethernet cable, thus freeing applications from the constraint of AC-power proximity. As the number PoE solutions has grown so has the applications’ appetite for power. A new proprietary standard, LTPoE++™, satisfies this ...