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Solutions Search - Piezoelectric Sensor & Accelerometer Solutions

Single Supply Shock/Vibration Sensor Amplifier

Sep 5th 2007
The LTC6087/LTC6088 are dual/quad, low noise, low offset, rail-to-rail input/output, unity-gain stable CMOS operational amplifiers that feature 1pA of input bias current. A 14MHz gain bandwidth and 7.2V/μs slew rate, combined with low noise (10nV/√Hz) and a low 0.75mV offset, make the LTC6087/LTC6088 useful in a variety of ...



LTC6081 Shock Sensor Amplifier (Accelerometer)

Aug 6th 2007
A shock sensor is a capacitive piezoelectric element which generates a charge under physical acceleration. This charge can be converted to a voltage and filtered using high valued resistors and a high input impedance CMOS amplifier such as the LTC6081. This circuit has a gain of 100 and output 109mV per g of acceleration. ...

Circuit LTspice 


LTC6240 Piezoelectric Shock Sensor Amplifier

Jan 10th 2007
A piezoelectric shock sensor generates a charge when physically accelerated. This charge is transferred to the smaller feedback capacitor. In this circuit a gain of 100 is given to the sensor’s open circuit voltage. ...



Accelerometer Signal Conditioner

Aug 16th 2005
A piezoelectric accelerometer responds to any physical movement by generating a charge proportional to the acceleration of the movement. This sensor has a capacitance of 750pF which produces a charge of 60pC per g of gravitational force. This charge is transferred to the 1000pF feedback capacitor for an output of 60mV/g. ...



Low Noise Non-Inverting Shock Sensor Amplifier

Jun 27th 2005
The shock sensor charge is converted to a voltage and amplified with a precision resistor ratio for gain accuracy. Paralleling amplifiers reduces noise. ...



Accelerometer Amplifier with DC Servo

Aug 20th 1993
The feedback integrator amplifies the 100 Megohm feedback resistance to behave like about 1Gigohm, extending the low-frequency response downward by about an order of magnitude. ...