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Solutions Search - Phase Locked Loop (PLL)

Debugging the LTC6946: Getting the PLL to Lock

Michel Azarian - Product Marketing Engineer Mar 21st 2013
The DC1705 and the PLLWizard software provide a complete evaluation system for the LTC6946 that makes it easy to determine how the part will behave in your system. However, a common problem can occur when designing any PLL system - what if the PLL is not locking to the proper frequency?  In cases where the LTC6946 RF output ...

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LTC6945 Wideband Point-to-Point Radio Local Oscillator

Dec 13th 2011
The LTC6945 is a high performance, low noise, 6GHz phase locked loop (PLL), including a reference divider, phase frequency detector (PFD) with phase-lock indicator, charge pump, integer feedback divider and VCO output divider. The part features a buffered, programmable VCO output divider with a range of 1 through 6. The differential, ...



Low Phase Noise Frequency Synthesizers for RF Applications

Doug LaPorte - Design Manager Sep 19th 2011
In modern RF communication systems, signal integrity is of prime importance. To meet the system requirements, amplifiers, mixers and modulators must have a low noise figure and low distortion products. Additionally, as system designers work to squeeze increasingly more data into the available bandwidth, low phase noise signal ...

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LTC6946-2 Driving a Passive Downconverting Mixer

Oct 27th 2009
The LTC6946 is a high performance, low noise, 5.7GHz phase-locked loop (PLL) with a fully integrated VCO, including a reference divider, phase-frequency detector (PFD) with phase-lock indicator, ultralow noise charge pump, integer feedback divider, and VCO output divider. The charge pump contains selectable high and low voltage ...



Wideband Receiver

Nov 13th 2008
The LTC5551 is a 2.5V to 3.6V mixer optimized for RF downconverting mixer applications that require very high dynamic range. The LTC5551 covers the 300MHz to 3.5GHz RF Frequency range with LO frequency range of 200MHz to 3.5GHz. The LTC5551 provides very high IIP3 and P1dB with low power consumption. A typical application is ...