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Solutions Search - PCI Hot Swap Controllers

DC1886B-B - LTC4232IDHC-1 Demo Board | 5A Integrated Hot Swap Controller with 16ms Turn-On Delay

Oct 13th 2014
Demonstration circuit 1886B features the LTC4232 and the LTC4232-1 5A integrated Hot Swap™ controllers. The LTC4232 is ideally suited for demanding power distribution control in 2.9V to 15V applications for hot board insertion protection, high side power switching, and electronic circuit breaker functions. ...

Demo Board 


LTspice: SOAtherm Tutorial

Dan Eddleman - Senior Applications Engineer Oct 8th 2014
Verifying that a Hot Swap design does not exceed the capabilities of a MOSFET is a challenge at high power levels. Fortunately, thermal behavior and SOA may be modeled in circuit simulators such as LTspice IV® . The SOAtherm-NMOS symbol included in LTspice contains a collection of MOSFET thermal models developed by Linear ...

Blog Post Video LTspice 


LTspice: Modeling Safe Operating Area Behavior of N-channel MOSFETs

Dan Eddleman - Senior Applications Engineer
Gabino Alonso - Strategic Marketing Engineer
Aug 22nd 2014
Introduction Often the most challenging aspect of Hot Swap™ circuit design is verifying that a MOSFET’s Safe Operating Area (SOA) is not exceeded. The SOAtherm tool distributed with LTspice IV® simplifies this task, allowing a circuit designer to immediately evaluate the SOA requirements of an application and ...

Blog Post LTspice 


DC1054A/B - DC1054A with DC1054B | LTC4242 Dual PCI Express Hot Swap Controller

May 3rd 2010
DC1054A/B - Demo Board for:LTC4242 - Dual Slot Hot Swap Controller for PCI Express ...

Demo Board 


DC985A-A/B - LTC4245 Demoboard: Quad Hot Swap Controller with ADC and I2C (Requires DC590)

Oct 22nd 2009
DC985A-A/B - Demo Board for:LTC4245 - Multiple Supply Hot Swap Controller with I2C Compatible Monitoring ...

Demo Board Linduino QuikEval System 


Dual-Slot PCI Express Hot Swap Controller Provides Fault Protection & Compact Size

Dec 19th 2006
MILPITAS, CA - December 19, 2006 - Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LTC4242, a narrow, dual-slot PCI Express Hot Swap™ controller for mid-range networking or storage servers and embedded applications. The device simplifies the application by eliminating complex software interfaces, yet provides a rugged and compact solution ...

Press Release 


Dual 12V and 3.3V Hot Swap Application for Two Advanced Mezzanine Cards

Dec 1st 2006
The LTC4242 Hot Swap controller allows safe board insertion and removal for two independent slots on a PCI Express backplane. External N-channel transistors control the 12V and 3.3V supplies while integrated switches control the 3.3V auxiliary supplies. Both 12V and 3.3V supplies can be ramped up at an adjustable rate. Dual ...



Quad I2C Hot Swap Controller with Onboard ADC Provides Digital Monitoring for PCI Express or CompactPCI

Mar 20th 2006
MILPITAS, CA - March 20, 2006 - A new four-supply Hot Swap™ controller from Linear Technology features an onboard 8-bit ADC and I2C compatible interface. The LTC4245 has the flexibility to support 3.3V, 5V and ±12V for CompactPCI or 12V, 3.3V and auxiliary 3.3V for PCI Express and provides integrated digital power monitoring ...

Press Release 


DC458A - LTC4240CGN | I2C Compact PCI Hot Swap Controller

Jun 4th 2003
DC458A - Demo Board for:LTC4240 - CompactPCI Hot Swap Controller with I2C Compatible Interface ...

Demo Board 


DC461A - LTC1644 demo board

Jul 31st 2001
DC461A - Demo Board for:LTC1644 - CompactPCI Bus Hot Swap Controller ...

Demo Board 


DC369A - LTC1646CGN | Compact PCI-Bus Dual Hot-Swap Controller, 3.3V and 5V Inputs, 3.3Vout @ 7.6A, 5Vout @ 5A

Dec 4th 2000
DC369A - Demo Board for:LTC1646 - CompactPCI Dual Hot Swap Controller ...

Demo Board 



Aug 28th 1998
DC225A-L - Demo Board for:LTC1643A - PCI-Bus Hot Swap Controller ...

Demo Board 



Aug 28th 1998
DC225A-H - Demo Board for:LTC1643A - PCI-Bus Hot Swap Controller ...

Demo Board