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Solutions Search - Oxygen & Gas Sensors

LTC2063 Micropower Precision Oxygen Sensor

Jul 27th 2017
This low power precision gas sensor circuit operates in an oxygen level range of 0% to 30%, with a nominal output of 1V in normal atmospheric oxygen concentrations (20.9%) when the gas sensor has been fully initialized. Total active power consumption is less than 2.1μA on a single rail supply. Since ...

Circuit LTspice 


Micro Power Oxygen Sensor

Sep 21st 2006
Micro Power Oxygen Sensor takes advantage of low and clean startup current characteristics and wide supply voltage range, 1.8V to 16V range. ...



High Accuracy Oxygen Sensor

Nov 17th 2005
High Accuracy Oxygen Sensor. Accuracy is achieved using a transimpedance approach. Reduction in noise gain gives a reduction in output offset error from 50mv to 500µa. ...