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Solutions Search - Offline Controllers/PFC

LT3798/LT8309 5V, 2A Energy Star Compliant Isolated Converter

Jesus Rosales - Applications Engineer
Gabino Alonso - Strategic Marketing Engineer
Feb 10th 2015
The focus of this circuirt was to take a design based on the LT®3798 and make it Energy Star Compliant; reduce no load, standby power to less than 300mW. That was achieved by adding the components highlighted in the dotted line box in the schematic inside the primary side. This circuit is simply a switch that removes ...

Blog Post Circuit LTspice 


LT1249 Active Power Factor Correction for 90VAC to 270VAC Universal Offline Power Systems

Aug 4th 2014
The LT1249 uses a multiplier containing a square gain function from the voltage amplifier to reduce the AC gain at light output load and thus maintains low line current distortion and high system stability. The LT1249 also provides filtering capability to reject line switching noise which can cause instability when fed into ...

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LT3798 112W Wide DC Input Industrial Power Supply

Dec 1st 2011
The LT®3798 is a constant-voltage/constant-current isolated flyback controller that combines active power factor correction (PFC) with no opto-coupler required for output voltage feedback into a single-stage converter. A LT3798 based design can achieve a power factor of greater than 0.97 by actively modulating the input ...