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Solutions Search - Notch Filter

LTC6078 60Hz Notch Filter

Aug 16th 2005
High input impedance amplifiers are ideal for buffering high impedance networks. Here a twin-T notch filter is shown to reject 60Hz signal content by more the 60dB. Small size, low valued capacitors can be used at such a low frequency with high valued resistors when using a CMOS op amp. ...

Circuit LTspice 


Clock Tuned, Highly Selective Notch Filter

Jan 1st 1998
This circuit shows a quick, clean way to tune a notch filter’s center frequency by varying a single resistor, which could be switched. The LTC1062 switched capacitor filter and A1 form a clock tunable notch (see LTC1062 data sheet). O1, running from the 5V supply, furnishes the clock, which is level shifted by Q1 to drive ...



Single Supply, Micropower, Second Order Lowpass Filter with 60Hz Notch

Jan 1st 1987
The first section is a standard low-pass filter with Fc=40Hz. The second section is a notch filter tuned to eliminate 60Hz mains pickup from the signal. ...