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Solutions Search - Negative Linear Regulators (LDO)

Low Voltage Power Supplies

Robert Dobkin - Chief Technical Officer Jun 9th 2016
In this video, Linear Technology Co-founder and CTO Bob Dobkin discusses low voltage power supplies less than half a volt. Most of today's power supplies have a reference of 0.6 volts, which means the output voltage must be greater than 0.6 volts. Several years ago, Linear Technology pioneered a new type of current source reference ...



Ultralow Noise and Ultrahigh PSRR

Amit Patel Jun 17th 2015
When it comes to powering noise-sensitive analog/RF applications, low dropout (LDO) linear regulators are generally preferred over their switching counterparts. Low noise LDOs power a wide range of analog/RF designs, including frequency synthesizers (PLLs/VCOs), RF mixers and modulators, high speed and high resolution data converters ...



Low Noise Rail-to-Rail Negative Regulator with Programmable Current Limit

Amit Patel Nov 4th 2013
The LT®3090 is a low noise single resistor programmable negative regulator based upon current reference architecture. The advantage of this architecture is that output voltage is rail-to-rail programmable while always maintaining unity gain operation. Hence, the bandwidth/transient response, noise, PSRR and load regulation ...



LT3015 1.5A, Low Noise, Negative LDO with Precision Current Limit - Video Product Brief

Steve Knoth - Senior Product Marketing Engineer Mar 25th 2013
The LT®3015 series are low noise, low dropout, negative linear regulators with fast transient response. The devices supply up to 1.5A of output current at a typical dropout voltage of 310mV. Operating quiescent current is typically 1.1mA and drops to < 1μA in shutdown. Quiescent current is also well controlled in dropout. ...

Video LTspice