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Solutions Search - Multicell Battery Stack Monitor

High Efficiency Bidirectional Cell Balancer Maximizes Capacity and Lifetime of Series Connected Battery Stacks

Mark Vitunic - Design Manager Mar 5th 2013
Large, series connected strings of batteries are commonly used in electric vehicles, backup power systems and a wide variety energy storage applications. Maximizing the lifetime and ensuring safe usage of such battery stacks requires accurate measurement and balancing of each cells’ state of charge (SoC). Passive, or dissipative, ...



New IC Technology Boosts Performance of Large Lithium Ion Battery Packs

Mike Kultgen - Design Director Nov 5th 2012
16kW-hr battery packs made from lithium ion cells are powering electric vehicles and storing grid energy. Measurement ICs like the LTC®6804 are used to extend the life and ensure the safety of the pack. The accuracy of the measurement IC can influence the cost of the system. The LTC6804 can measure cell voltages with less ...

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