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Solutions Search - Low Side Current Sense

LT6018 Low Noise Precision Current Monitor

Jun 14th 2017
The LT®6018 is a 33V precision operational amplifier with excellent noise performance. With 0.1Hz to 10Hz noise of only 30nVP-P, the LT6018 is an outstanding choice for applications where 1/f noise impacts system performance. The LT6018 has excellent DC performance with a maximum offset voltage of 50μV and a maximum offset ...

Circuit LTspice 


LT1997-3 - Single Supply Current Sense

Jun 14th 2017
Sense resistors R1 converts a current into a voltage. This voltage is buffered (gain of 1) from the input to the output in this amplifier. V1 tests the circuit for response to common mode variation. A simulation will show that the output voltage variation due to the common mode voltage V1 is very small.     The ...

Circuit LTspice 


Low Side Current Sense

Aug 6th 2007
Sensing the amount of current through a load on the low side has the disadvantage of raising the return connection to the load from ground. The advantage of such an approach is that it is very easy to implement using a basic non-inverting gain stage. The LTC6081 operates linearly down to ground also in this single supply example. ...



Six Decade Current Sensing Log Amplifier

Aug 16th 2005
The low pA's of bias current of CMOS amplifiers make them suitable for high input impedance current sensing applications. By taking advantage of the logarithmic relationship of a transistor base-emitter voltage to it's collector current a very wide range of measured input current can be converted to a voltage. In this circuit ...



–48V Low Side Precision Current Sense

Jan 20th 2004
This amplifier configuration is essentially the complementary implementation to the classic high-side configuration. The op amp used must support common-mode operation at its lower rail. A “floating” shunt-regulated local supply is provided by the Zener diode, and the transistor provides metered current to an output load ...



“Classic” High-Precision Low Side Current Sense

Nov 23rd 1999
This configuration is basically a standard non-inverting amplifier. The op amp used must support common-mode operation at the lower rail and the use of a Zero-Drift type (as shown) provides excellent precision. The output of this circuit is referenced to the lower Kelvin contact, which could be ground in a single-supply application. ...

Circuit LTspice