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Solutions Search - Low Bias Current Amplifiers (Ib < 100pA)

Micropower Zero-Drift Amplifier Improves Circuit Performance

Andrew Roberts - Design Engineer Jul 10th 2017
This video explores the superior performance achieved with the LTC2063 zero-drift amplifier in a wide variety of low power applications. The LTC2063 enables precision measurement at extremely low power levels. The LTC2063 operates from 1.7V to 5.25V and features a shutdown mode which is optimized for battery-powered and duty-cycled ...



High Bandwidth, Very Low Input Bias Current Op Amp

Roger Kidson - Product Evaluation Engineer Mar 11th 2015
The LTC6268 is a new op amp with a unique combination of bandwidth, input and output characteristics. It has a gain bandwidth of 500MHz with a typical input bias current of only 3 femptoamps. The input capacitance is 0.45pF and the output can drive a 200Ω load. This combination of features can bring new levels of performance ...



Low Power Precision Op Amp Allows Fast, Accurate Multiplexing

Kris Lokere - Strategic Applications Manager Nov 19th 2014
If you need to measure many analog voltages, but not necessarily all at the same time, then a common approach is to multiplex these signals together into one output signal, so that you can then process and digitize each of these original voltage levels one at a time using shared circuitry. But doing this right requires some ...



140V CMOS Op Amp with Rail-to-Rail Output & pA Inputs

Arnold Nordeng - Design Section Leader - Signal Conditioning Jun 26th 2014
The LTC6090 high voltage CMOS op amp is the highest voltage monolithic op amp in the industry. It has a number of unique characteristics not found in other CMOS op amps. Unlike other CMOS amplifiers whose fine transistor geometries limit power supply operation to 5V, the LTC6090 is built on Linear Technology’s proprietary ...