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Solutions Search - Load Sharing

LTC4218 12V / 100A Hot Swap Design for Server Farms

Dan Eddleman - Senior Applications Engineer Mar 18th 2015
Cultivate reliability on the farm with a properly designed Hot Swap circuit. Introduction As data centers servicing the cloud grow in speed and capacity, backplane supplies are called on to deliver currents that push the performance boundaries of Hot Swap™ components. Hot Swap solutions allow boards to be inserted and ...

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LTC4226 Parallel MOSFETs in Hot Swap Circuits

Dan Eddleman - Senior Applications Engineer
Gabino Alonso - Strategic Marketing Engineer
Mar 13th 2015
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Introduction While it is often desirable, and sometimes absolutely critical, to use multiple parallel MOSFETs in Hot Swap™ circuits, careful analysis of Safe Operating Area (SOA) is essential. Each additional parallel MOSFET added to a circuit improves the voltage drop, power loss, and ...

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12V, 10A Load Share

May 14th 2012
The LTC4370 is a two-supply current sharing controller which incorporates MOSFET ideal diodes. The diodes block reverse and shoot-through currents during start-up and fault conditions. Their forward voltage is adjusted to share the load currents between supplies. Unlike other sharing methods, neither a share bus nor trim pins ...



Directly Parallel This High Power Density Linear Regulator - LT3080

Robert Dobkin - Chief Technical Officer Sep 15th 2008
The LT3080 is a new architecture for linear regulators. It provides better regulation, a simple output adjustment with a single resistor where the output can be adjusted down to zero. Also, this architecture allows easy paralleling of regulators for “no heatsink” operation in an all surface mount applications. The LT3080 ...

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Two Load-Sharing, Redundant, 48V/10A Power Supplies Using an Ideal Diode

Jul 30th 2007
This circuit shows a 48V/10A ideal diode-OR application. An MBR10100 Schottky diode would dissipate 6W under these operating conditions. In contrast, the FDB3632 7.5mohm MOSFET dissipates only 0.75W. The reduced power loss increases efficiency and saves space required for heat sinking. If the power supply voltages are nearly ...



Dual Battery Load Sharing with Automatic Switchover to a Wall Adapter

Jan 6th 2005
An application circuit for dual battery load sharing with automatic switchover of load from batteries to a wall adapter is shown in this circuit. When the wall adapter is not present, whichever battery that has the higher voltage provides the load current until it has discharged to the voltage of the other battery. The load ...



Dual Battery Load Sharing with Automatic Switchover of Power from Batteries to Wall Adapter

Jun 5th 2002
This circuit shows a dual battery load sharing application with automatic switchover of power between the batteries and a wall adapter. In this example, the battery with the higher voltage supplies all of the power until it has discharged to the voltage of the other battery. Once both batteries have the same voltage, they share ...



Paralleled Voltage Regulators with Balanced Load Sharing

Jul 15th 1999
Paralleling voltage regulators to provide mode load current is a common technique. Forcing the amplifiers to share the load current equally is called ballasting. Using a precision low offset voltage amplifier to sense the output current from each regulator requires just milli-ohms of resistance, typically just a pcb circuit ...