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Solutions Search - LTM4613 - EN55022B Compliant 36VIN, 15VOUT, 8A, DC/DC μModule (Power Module) Regulator

Ultralow-EMI, 96W, Step-Down μModule Regulator— EN55022 Class B Certified in a 15mm x 15mm Footprint

Apr 25th 2011
The LTM4613 delivers high output power and efficiency with demonstrated EMI performance that complies with EN55022 Class B. With carefully designed integrated filter, meticulous internal layout, shielded inductor, internal snubber circuitry and power transistor driver, the LTM4613 achieves a perfect balance between the size, ...



20-36Vin to 12Vout @ 16A 2-Phase Low Noise EN55022B Compliant uModule Power Supply

Mar 24th 2006
The LTM4613 is a complete, ultralow noise, 8A switch mode DC/DC power supply. Included in the package are the switching controller, power FETs, inductor and all support components. Operating over an input voltage range of 5V to 36V, the LTM4613 supports an output voltage range of 3.3V to 15V, set by a single external resistor. ...