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Solutions Search - LTM2893 - 100MHz Isolated ADC Serial Interface

DC2542A - LTC2358-18, LTM2893, ADA4522-1, LT6658 Demo Board | Isolated Industrial Data Acquisition Board (req ArrowSoCkit)

Sep 15th 2017
Demonstration circuit 2542A is a reference design for robust industrial data acquisition applications based on the LTC2358-18. The LTC2358-18 is capable of high voltage measurements with a large input common range; however, the DC2542A implements input protection that allows up to 400V of continuous input protection. Combined ...

Demo Board LinearLabTools 


DC2405A - LTM2893 Demo Board | 100MHz SPI uModule Isolator

Dec 16th 2016
Demonstration circuit 2405A shows an LTM®2893 isolating and interfacing an LTC®2328-18. The LTM2893 is a high speed SPI isolator for interfacing read only ADCs with a full complement of control signals. The LTC2328-18 is a low noise, high speed 18-bit successive approximation register (SAR) ADC. Low noise isolated power ...

Demo Board Linduino PScope QuikEval System 


100MHz SPI Isolators Facilitate Faster Data Converters

Nov 8th 2016
MILPITAS, CA – November 8, 2016 – Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LTM2893 and LTM2895, SPI (serial peripheral interface) µModule® isolators, optimized for Linear Technology’s extensive family of high performance data converters. The LTM2893 and LTM2895 support SPI clock speeds up to 100MHz, ...

Press Release 


100MHz Isolated SPI Analog to Digital Converter Solution

Brian Jadus - Senior Design Engineer Sep 22nd 2016
Isolating high-resolution high-speed SAR ADCs with a SPI interface in data acquisition systems can be challenging. Competing digital isolators limit the maximum SCK frequencies to 40MHz or less and can be a bottleneck to achieving the maximum sampling rates in data acquisitions systems. The LTM2893 family enables your design ...