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Solutions Search - LTC6991 - TimerBlox: Resettable, Low Frequency Oscillator

LTC6991 Intervalometer for Time-Lapse Photography

Aug 7th 2014
The LTC®6991 is a silicon oscillator with a programmable period range of 1.024ms to 9.54 hours (29.1μHz to 977Hz), specifically intended for long duration timing events. The LTC6991 is part of the TimerBlox® family of versatile silicon timing devices. ...

Circuit LTspice 


8 Second to 8.5 Minute Low Frequency Clock (Intervalometer for Time-Lapse Photography)

Aug 6th 2010
This circuit example highlights the use of the LTC6991 in a intervalometer for time lapse photography. In this example the LTC6991 is configured as a self-resetting circuit and generates a fixed time pulse from 8s to 64s. The LTC6991 is part of the TimerBlox family of versatile silicon timing devices with a programmable period ...

Circuit LTspice