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Solutions Search - LTC6946 - Ultralow Noise and Spurious 0.37GHz to 6.39GHz Integer-N Synthesizer with Integrated VCO

Uncompromised Clocking Solution for 16-Bit 2.5Gsps High Performance DAC

Clarence Mayott - Applications Engineer Sep 6th 2016
Design Note 555: Introduction The LTC®2000 16-bit 2.5Gsps DAC offers excellent AC performance. For many DAC applications, phase noise, noise spectral density (NSD), and spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) are critical to maximize the number of possible channels in a band without eroding the signal to noise ratio (SNR) in ...

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Phase Noise of Integer-N and Fractional-N PLL Synthesizers

Kevin B. Scott - Senior Strategic Marketing Engineer
Michel Azarian - Product Marketing Engineer
Feb 10th 2015
Phase Noise of Integer-N and Fractional-N PLL Synthesizers Low phase noise is essential when generating high frequency, high linearity signal sources. Phase noise is a measure of the undesirable change or variation in phase of a signal. It is measured in the frequency domain and equates to jitter in the time domain. When using ...

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Debugging the LTC6946: Getting the PLL to Lock

Michel Azarian - Product Marketing Engineer Mar 21st 2013
The DC1705 and the PLLWizard software provide a complete evaluation system for the LTC6946 that makes it easy to determine how the part will behave in your system. However, a common problem can occur when designing any PLL system - what if the PLL is not locking to the proper frequency?  In cases where the LTC6946 RF output ...

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Low Phase Noise Frequency Synthesizers for RF Applications

Doug LaPorte - Design Manager Sep 19th 2011
In modern RF communication systems, signal integrity is of prime importance. To meet the system requirements, amplifiers, mixers and modulators must have a low noise figure and low distortion products. Additionally, as system designers work to squeeze increasingly more data into the available bandwidth, low phase noise signal ...

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