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Solutions Search - LTC6804-1/LTC6804-2 - Multicell Battery Monitors

Maximizing Cell Monitoring Accuracy and Data Integrity in Energy Storage Battery Management Systems

Mike Kultgen - Design Director
Greg Zimmer - Senior Product Marketing Engineer
Jan 24th 2017
Grid-connected battery arrays are viable backup and carry-through power sources; application-specific measurement ICs which meet their unique and sophisticated requirements ensure reliable system performance. The use of large-scale battery arrays for backup and carry-through energy storage is getting increasing attention, as ...

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Passive Battery Cell Balancing

Kevin B. Scott - Senior Strategic Marketing Engineer
Sam Nork - Boston Design Center Manager
Aug 18th 2016
In the automotive and transportation marketplace, large battery stacks provide high output power without producing harmful emissions (i.e. carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons) associated with gasoline-powered combustion engines. Ideally, each individual battery in the stack equally contributes to the system. However, when ...

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New IC Technology Boosts Performance of Large Lithium Ion Battery Packs

Mike Kultgen - Design Director Nov 5th 2012
16kW-hr battery packs made from lithium ion cells are powering electric vehicles and storing grid energy. Measurement ICs like the LTC®6804 are used to extend the life and ensure the safety of the pack. The accuracy of the measurement IC can influence the cost of the system. The LTC6804 can measure cell voltages with less ...

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