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Solutions Search - LTC6102 - Precision Zero Drift Current Sense Amplifier

LTC6102 Simple 500V Current Monitor

Aug 4th 2014
The LTC®6102/LTC6102HV are versatile, high voltage, highside current sense amplifiers. Their high supply voltage rating allows their use in many high side applications, while the low drift and offset ensure accuracy across a wide range of operating conditions. The LTC6102-1 is a version of the LTC6102 that includes a low ...

Circuit LTspice 


Bidirectional Current Sense Circuit with Separate Charge/Discharge Output

Jun 15th 2007
The LTC6102/LTC6102HV monitor current via the voltage across an external sense resistor (shunt resistor). Internal circuitry converts input voltage to output current, allowing a small sense signal on a large common mode voltage to be translated to a ground-referred signal. Low DC offset allows the use of very low shunt resistor ...



Ultraprecise Current Sensing with LTC6102

Jun 15th 2007
Very low input offset allows using low value resistors while maintaining high measurement resolution. Using low value also reduces power losses and temperature rise. ...



High Voltage/Current and Temperature Monitoring

Jun 15th 2007
The LTC2990 is used to monitor system temperatures, voltages and currents. Through the I2C serial interface, the device can be configured to measure many combinations of internal temperature, remote temperature, remote voltage, remote current and internal VCC. The internal 10ppm/°C reference minimizes the number of supporting ...