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Solutions Search - LTC4366 - High Voltage Surge Stopper

Surge Stoppers: Overvoltage & Overcurrent Protection ICs - Video Product Brief

Pinkesh Sachdev - Product Marketing Engineer - Mixed Signal Aug 25th 2016
Historically, overvoltage and overcurrent protection (e.g., load dump protection) was achieved using bulky capacitors, TVS diodes and fuses, but this discrete solution consumes a lot of real estate, and does not offer continuous operation through transient events. Linear Technology's family of High Voltage Surge Stoppers, ...



Floating Surge Stopper Provides Unlimited Overvoltage Protection

Hamza Salman Afzal - Applications Engineer Nov 7th 2012
Protecting sensitive electronic circuitry from voltage transients is an essential part of any system be it automotive, industrial, avionics or even battery-powered consumer applications. Linear Technology offers a wide variety of solutions for these applications with its surge stopper family. The LTC®4366 is the new exciting ...