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Solutions Search - LTC3536 - 1A Low Noise, Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter

Solar Powered LED Driver

Jul 26th 2011
This figure shows an application for an LED driver supplied with a solar cell for an emergency LED torch. When the torch is off, the LTC3536 is in shutdown. The quiescent current of less than 1μA minimizes supercapacitor drain when the ambient light is no longer available.When the LED torch is switched on, the LTC3536 is turned ...

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Supercapacitor Based Backup Power Supply

Jul 26th 2011
In this application, two series of supercapacitors are charged to 5V during normal operation to provide the needed backup energy in case the primary power fails. As long as the primary power is present, the LTC3536 remains in Burst Mode operation with very low quiescent current, minimizing drain on the backup storage capacitor. ...

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LTC3536 Solar Powered LED Driver

Jul 26th 2011
The power generated by a solar cell varies significantly with lighting conditions.So a rechargeable storage device, such a supercapacitor, is required to provide continuous power when the solar cell is insufficiently illuminated. Although it has much less charge storage capacity compared to a battery, a supercapacitor requires ...

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Buck-Boost Converter In SuperCap Backup Power Supply

Oct 10th 2006
The LTC3536 is an extended VIN range, fixed frequency, synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter that operates from input voltages above, below or equal to the regulated output voltage. The topology incorporated in the LTC3536 provides low noise operation, making it ideal for RF and precision measurement applications. ...