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Solutions Search - LTC3525 - 400mA Micropower Synchronous Step-Up DC/DC Converter with Output Disconnect

LTC3130 Single-Cell 1.2V, 200mA Buck-Boost Converter

Aug 15th 2016
The LTC3130/LTC3130-1 are high efficiency, low noise, 600mA buck-boost converters with wide VIN and VOUT ranges. For high efficiency operation at light loads, BurstMode operation can be selected, reducing the quiescent current to just 1.6µA. Converter start-up is achieved from sources as low as 7.5µW. ...



LTC3525: Compact, High Efficiency Boost for Single Cell Alkaline

Feb 15th 2006
The LTC3525-3/LTC3525-3.3/LTC3525-5 are high efficiency synchronous step-up DC/DC converters with output disconnect that can start up with an input as low as 1V. They offer a compact, high efficiency alternative to charge pumps in single cell or dual cell alkaline or Li-Ion applications. Only three small external components ...

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