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Solutions Search - LTC3226 - 2-Cell Supercapacitor Charger with Backup PowerPath Controller

LTC3226 Li-Ion Backup Supply

Jul 8th 2011
The LTC3226 is a 2-cell series supercapacitor charger with a backup PowerPath controller. It includes a charge pump supercapacitor charger with programmable output voltage, a low dropout regulator, and a power-fail comparator for switching between normal and backup modes. The constant input current supercapacitor charger is ...



Power Backup System Using Supercapacitors

Apr 5th 2007
This circuit shows a power holdup system that incorporates a supercapacitor stack with the capacity to provide standby power of 165mW for about 45 seconds in the absence of battery power. An LDO converts the output of the supercapacitor stack to a constant voltage supply during backup mode. ...