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Solutions Search - LTC3103 - 1.8μA Quiescent Current, 15V, 300mA Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converter

Altera Cyclone V E Development Kit

Jun 4th 2014
Altera Cyclone V E Development Kit Altera’s Cyclone® V E Development Kit offers a comprehensive general-purpose development platform for many markets and applications, such as industrial communications and automation applications. The kit features a Cyclone V FPGA and a multitude of on-board resources including multiple ...



Solar-Powered 2.2V Supply with Li Battery Backup and Run Threshold Set to Battery Minimum Voltage

Nov 4th 2011
The LTC3103 is a high efficiency, monolithic synchronous step-down converter using a current mode architecture capable of supplying 300mA of output current. Additionally, the LTC3103 includes an accurate RUN comparator, thermal overload protection, a power good output and an integrated soft-start feature to guarantee that the ...

Circuit LTspice