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Solutions Search - LTC2990 - Quad I2C Voltage, Current and Temperature Monitor

Instrumentation Applications for High Accuracy Temperature Monitor Products

Leo Chen - Applications Engineer Aug 24th 2011
Thermal management is a critical part of system design. FPGAs and processors often require heat sinks and fans, to the extent that a failure (stopped fan or obstructed heat sink) would cause damage. These devices often have a pin connected to an on-die diode temperature sensor. It is also useful to know the temperature of other ...



LTC2990 I2C Temperature, Voltage and Current Monitor - Video Product Brief

Chris Gobok - Product Marketing Engineer Feb 23rd 2011
The LTC2990 is used to monitor system temperatures, voltages and currents. Through the I2C serial interface, the device can be configured to measure many combinations of internal temperature, remote temperature, remote voltage, remote current and internal VCC. The internal 10ppm/°C reference minimizes the number of supporting ...