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Solutions Search - LTC2983 - Multi-Sensor High Accuracy Digital Temperature Measurement System

Measuring Temperature Accurately

Robert Dobkin - Chief Technical Officer Jul 8th 2015
Measuring temperature requires accurate high resolution measurement along with digital processing to convert sensor outputs to a known temperature scale. The LTC2983, digital temperature measurement system reduces error to a minimum, giving conformance to 0.1° C. Temperature measurement is as good as the sensor. ...



LTC2983 TechClips - Universal Temperature Measurement System

Michael K. Mayes - Design Section Head - Mixed Signal Nov 19th 2014
RTD TechClip The LTC2983 is a highly accurate, simple to use, universal temperature measurement system. It directly interfaces to RTDs, applies the excitation current, simultaneously measures the RTD and sense resistor, and reports the results in degrees C or F. It does not require any external references, buffers, or level ...