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Solutions Search - LTC2983 - Multi-Sensor High Accuracy Digital Temperature Measurement System

Using Custom Thermistors with the Temp-to-Bits Family

Logan Cummings - Sr. Applications Engineer Mar 29th 2017
The LTC2983, LTC2984, LTC2986 and LTC2986-1 Temp-to-Bits converters allow the use of custom sensors in addition to built-in standard types. This post focuses on custom thermistors and two ways of configuring the converter. Thermistors are resistive temperature sensors based on semiconductor materials. They are available in ...

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Optimize Sense Resistor Cost and Accuracy for RTD Temp Measurement when Using LTC2983 Temp-to-Bits IC

Tom Domanski - Sr. Application Engineer Oct 19th 2015
The temperature measurement using a RTD, or a Thermistor, is really a measurement of resistance. RTDs and Thermistors change their resistance with temperature. Once the resistance of the probe is measured, and assuming that the Resistance as a function of temperature is known, the temperature of the probe can be calculated. ...

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Using the LTC2983 with 18 2-wire RTDs

Tom Domanski - Sr. Application Engineer Sep 18th 2015
Introduction A number of times I have come accross system definitions calling for use of a large number of temperature probes. Large number is in the eye of the beholder, of course, but it still brings up a question of how many sensors can interface to the LTC2983, a device that after all boasts 20 analog inputs. Well, let's ...

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