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Solutions Search - LTC2054 - Single Micropower Zero-Drift Operational Amplifiers

LTC2054 Ultra-Precision, Wide Dynamic Range 10Hz Bandwidth Photodiode Amplifier

Jan 20th 2004
The low input bias current and input noise current, combined with low voltage offset, provide a precision signal monitor. A high degree of input sensitivity is provided to the circuit by the large dynamic range, characterized by low input offset and high DC gain of the LTC2054. ...



–48V Low Side Precision Current Sense

Jan 20th 2004
This amplifier configuration is essentially the complementary implementation to the classic high-side configuration. The op amp used must support common-mode operation at its lower rail. A “floating” shunt-regulated local supply is provided by the Zener diode, and the transistor provides metered current to an output load ...



Low Power, Bidirectional 60V Precision Hi Side Current Sense

Aug 26th 1999
Using a very precise zero-drift amplifier as a pre-amp allows for the use of a very small sense resistor in a high voltage supply line. A floating power supply regulates the voltage across the pre-amplifier on any voltage rail up to the 60V limit of the LT1787HV circuit. Overall gain of this circuit is 1000. A 1mA change in ...



Ground Referred Precision Current Sources

Jun 25th 1997
The zero drift LTC2054 instrumentation amplifier can be used in conjunction with one of Linear Technology's precision, low temperature drift shunt voltage references (in this example the LT1634) to create a precision, ground referred current source. ...