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Solutions Search - LTC1992 Family - Low Power, Fully Differential Input/Output Amplifier/Driver Family

Extending Input Common Mode Range For LT1992

Feb 3rd 2003
Tying the Vocm pin to the Vmid Pin and using two equal voltage dividers with external feedback resistors is used in this circuit to extend the input Common Mode Range of LTC1992. ...



LTC1992 Typical Single-Ended to Differential Conversion

Feb 3rd 2003
Basic Single-Ended to Differential Conversion Circuit Example which shows a gain of 10 with no external resistors to set the gain. The resistors are factory trimmed to give a very accurate gain and the gain setting resistors are closely matched to maximize CMRR. A voltage applied to the Vocm pin sets the offset. ...



Bipolar, Ground Referenced, Single-Ended Signal Interface To Unipolar, Differential Input ADC

Aug 17th 2001
Differential amplifiers are useful for providing the input to a single supply differential ADC from a bipolar ground referenced input source. All of the signal level shifting and gain requirements can be adjusted with external resistors. ...



Balanced Frequency Converter (Suitable for Frequencies up to 50kHz)

Nov 16th 1992
This circuit takes advantage of aliasing that occurs in any time sampled system. The output signal frequency is the difference in frequency between the input signal and the switch sampling rate. A 24KHz input signal sampled at 25KHz will be converted to a 1KHz output signal. In addition by using the LTC1992 fully differential ...