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Solutions Search - LT6017 - Quad 3.2MHz, 0.8V/μs Low Power, Over-The-Top Precision Op Amp

Op Amp Precision Positive & Negative Clipper using LT6015/LT6016/LT6017

Tom Mosteller - Field Applications Engineer
Aaron Schultz - Applications Manager Signal Conditioning
Oct 3rd 2016
It can be a challenge to match the voltage range of an analog signal to the input range of an analog to digital converter (ADC). Exceeding the ADC’s input range will give an incorrect reading, and if the input goes far enough beyond the power supply rails substrate currents can flow into the ADC which can cause latch up ...

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LT6016: Precision High Voltage High Side Load Current Monitor

Nov 5th 2012
The LT6016/LT6017 are dual and quad rail-to-rail input operational amplifiers with input offset voltage trimmed to less than 50μV. These amplifiers operate on single and split supplies with a total voltage of 3V to 50V and draw only 315μA per amplifier. The Over-The-Top input stage of the LT6016/LT6017 is designed to provide ...

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