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Solutions Search - LT3845A - High Voltage Synchronous Current Mode Step-Down Controller with Adjustable Operating Frequency

LTC4000 48V to 10.8V at 10A Buck Converter 3-Cell LiFePO4 Battery Charger with 2.9h Termination Timer, 1.25A Trickle Charge Current and Charging PFET Thermal Protection

Sep 23rd 2014
The LTC®4000 is a high voltage, high performance controller that converts many externally compensated DC/DC power supplies into full-featured battery chargers. ...



LTC4000: 48V to 10.8V at 10A Buck Converter Charger for 3-Series LiFePO4 Battery Pack

Dec 22nd 2006
Building a complete charging system with the LTC4000 and a DC/DC converter is nearly as easy as using a dedicated charger IC. Figure 5 shows the LTC4000 controlling an LT3845A buck converter in a charger designed for a 3S LiFePO4 battery pack (3S refers to three cells in a series configuration). The LT3845A buck converter is ...

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